Supporting women

in their quest for personal & absolute Freedom for over 20 years.

About me.

I support women from all around the world to break free from outdated cultural roles, conditioned patterns of self-sabotage, and to replace the voices of obligation with freedom of choice. I guide you to reconnect to your body’s intuitive wisdom, harness your creative power, and reclaim your authentic greatness & beauty.

I have been a practitioner in the emotional intelligence & human potential field for over 20 years, and have 10 years’ experience in presenting, running workshops & women’s circles. I have also been a Journey Method practitioner & an accredited coach for over 15 years. I trained directly with Brandon Bays, the pioneer of the Journey Method that is now being used in over 48 countries & transformed the lives of millions of people worldwide. I not only have a number of professional qualifications, more importantly, I live my teachings from the inside out & speak experientially.

Whilst I work with a wide variety of people globally, I specialize in three areas.

International/Expat women struggling to find “Home” in a new culture & country.

Women dealing with the heart shattering news of deviations in pregnancy. I support them through the unspeakable choices they are faced with making, and in the case of the death of a child prior to or during birth; healing the grief & devastation of that overwhelming loss.

FEM Freedom Workshops & women’s circles.

This is your invitation to come home to your Self, and re-awaken to the innate joy, aliveness & natural flow of life.

Elena Melian

What I do

The Journey Method

is a globally recognized, cutting-edge healing and transformational methodology. An interactive, guided meditation process, that works fast to uncover & dissolve the emotional root causes of illness & suffering in all areas of your life. It is the most effective method available today for consciously reprogramming the subconscious mind, and one of the most direct pathways to awakening & liberating your infinite potential.

Creatrix coaching

Supporting women to consciously create & re-design their lives. Creatrix Coaching incorporates the world’s leading edge methods & practices for you to gracefully re-condition your subconscious ‘bodymind’ to think, feel, speak & act aligned with who you authentically are in your Essential nature.

FEM Freedom

‘FEM Freedom’ is about remembering the inherent value of feminine qualities & gifts and liberating our unique feminine Essence. Our intention is to empower individuals to reconnect to their authentic feminine qualities, and reclaim the power of living a life that honors all faces of the feminine (in one’s Self & in others). We aim to help restore balance on all levels, starting within each woman, and expanding into our communities. Ultimately, we hold a vision where individuals, families, businesses, governments & society’s finally honor and value both feminine & masculine qualities equally.